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Announcing the launch of Primer Sazze Blog

In the past year, we are proud to have achieved many of our goals including final closing for Fund II at $135M and expanding our network through co-hosting events like Korean Startup Forum New York 2023. We are grateful and excited by the momentum we have as we look forward to 2024.

Today, we’re formally sharing one of our initiatives for the following year. It’s called Sazze Insights. In our brand new website, we will be regularly posting blogs to let you in on our investment thesis and latest investments, and candidly share what areas or events are peaking our interests. Particularly, we hope that our unique position as a Silicon Valley VC with a strong hold of the Korean start-up environment will provide new perspectives.

You can expect us to share a series of articles that we hope will come handy for investors, entrepreneurs, or just curious future leaders of the world.


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