At Primer Sazze Partners we are looking for companies with grand vision and world changing potential. We like to find founders who are making the impossible happen through sheer force of will and a refusal to accept hard "truths." 
Early Stage

We look for smoke and help you make fire

We are looking to be involved in the first round where you are raising the first institutional capital. We look for companies that are past the idea stage and have seen wisps of product-market fit and we look for evidence that the market response to your offering is improving over time.

‌Global Founder Network

Founder-driven, Network-based Investor

We look for companies where our human capital, our global mentor network, and our expertise in bridging the North American and Asian markets, can be even more valuable than the financial capital we invest. 


US + South Korea + Asia

The location of your headquarter is not as important to us. However, we look for founders who share values with us and can benefit from our network of resources across the Pacific.    


‌We are sector-agnostic, but we look for where people, products, and technology converge‌

We have invested in various sectors/ industries, including SaaS, ML/ AI, Consumer Tech (e.g., e-commerce, Fintech, Digitial Health), Healthcare Tech, and Digital Content/ Media. 


‌We invest between $500K and $3M depending on investment stages

Startup Raising Capital?