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Taking your
big idea global


We are a network of ideas, ambition, and capital connecting East Asia and North America.

Sazze [Sa-jae]

(KR)사제지간 l (CN)師弟之间 

1. The relationship and interpersonal chemistry between mentor and mentee
2. Symbolizes mutual trust and long-term commitment for one another

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Primer Sazze Venture Capital
john kim
greg kwangrog kim
sukhyun kim
Primer Sazze Venture Capital  Portfolio
Primer Sazze Venture Capital Active Companies
bong-jin kim
kiha lee
tim hwang
saeju jeoung
young-jun jang
ikkjin ahn
chang kim
kiski bae
april koh

A network of entrepreneurs who built products that changed millions of people’s lives across the globe.

We invest in ideas with global ambition across East Asia and North America. With your ambition and our experience, we mentor your first steps into entrepreneurship and help you expand your vision into a global business.


Since 2018, Primer Sazze Partners has been investing in exceptional founders with the mission of supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs in South Korea and across the globe.

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